Arthur Schunck Sindoni

Senior Director of Finance

Arthur Schunck Sindoni serves as the Senior Director of Finance of Legacy Lifecare. Mr. Sindoni is responsible for contributing to the strategic vision of the organization, improving processes and supporting a cross-functional contribution to the organization’s agenda.

Arthur joined Chelsea Jewish Lifecare, an affiliated organization of Legacy Lifecare, in 2018 as Director of Finance. In this position, he oversaw the financial department, holding full budgetary and P&L responsibility across 14 divisions. An entrepreneur-minded executive with over 17 years of experience working across multiple industries (manufacturing, real estate, telecom, and healthcare), Arthur possesses in-depth expertise in implementing turnaround processes to improve company profitability and building strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Prior to Legacy Lifecare, Arthur was co-founder and partner of MB Patrimônio, Managing Director of Lopes Maber and Director of Corporate Development at Lopes Consultoria de Imóveis.

Mr. Sindoni earned a Master of Business Administration from MIT Sloan School of Management, a Master of Science in Corporate Finance from FGV-Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil and two Bachelor of Science degrees in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Engineering from The University Center of FEI in Brazil. Currently, Arthur resides in Charlestown.