Legacy Lifecare's Mission

Legacy Lifecare’s mission is to help small-to-mid-sized, values-driven senior care organizations navigate the complexities of modern healthcare through the provision of consulting, affiliation, and management services. Partners have access to sophisticated managerial systems and general infrastructure ordinarily only available to larger chains, permitting them to thrive while remaining true to their mission.

About Legacy Lifecare

Legacy Lifecare is a network of charitable, nonprofit senior care organizations that have come together to sponsor and share a common managerial infrastructure. Founded in 2018 by Chelsea Jewish Lifecare and JGS Lifecare, the mission of Legacy Lifecare is to enable its nonprofit Affiliates to thrive by providing access to managerial resources ordinarily only available to large, primarily proprietary organizations.

The Legacy Lifecare model provides the “best of both worlds” for its Affiliates: cost-effective access to the sophisticated systems and personnel needed to compete in today’s complex world, while preserving each organization’s unique identities, missions, and local governance. Legacy’s purpose is best encapsulated in its tagline: “Securing Legacies, Together”.

Legacy Lifecare also provides consulting services to mission-driven organizations.